Profile Updates

Hello Incas,


Many of you haven't changed/update your profiles. We highly recommend you to do it. We keep track of all info stored in our database and if in case your account gets hijacked, we can give it back to you if you answer to all questions you have provided thru the form located here


We will be updating your country flag by checking your IP address and we will change it accordingly. You can help us by updating your country yourself. We will perform this update on July 9, 2014.




Gens System Configuration

The Gens system has been configured in a way, fair for all players. Some may be wondering why they cannot join a different family after leaving their current families. Others may argue why they can't leave the family at all. Whatever the reason is, here is an explanation about the matter.


* The requirement to join a family is 3 resets and 400 levels for all.

* The master of a guild CANNOT leave the family they are in.

* Family members CAN leave the family but they CANNOT join another family for 3 days.

* Guilds in the same family CAN fight each other

* Family members CAN challenge to a duel to other members of the same family

* The Dungeons, Arena, Lost Tower, Atlans, Raklion, Kanturu are maps in conflict. This means that when the map opens up the war between families starts. The family with more war points holds the map for a period of 2 hours. Members of the losing family CANNOT enter the map neither players with no families. In other words, the map belongs to the winning family.


Now you know what you are getting into. Think very careful before performing any action, and more if you are a guild master.


Server Shutdown

The server will be shutdown today @ 9:00 AM Server Time. The down time will last at least 15 minutes. This is to perform a fix to the error found when trying to complete the 3er quest (Master Quest). We sorry any inconvenience this may cause you...


HP/Mana Bug

There was a report about low HPs/Mana values from some players. This is just a visual error from the client. Please do not panic neither send us tickets about this.



With respect to donations and premium features

We are not asking donations to anyone. If a player(s) want(s) to donate to the server fine, let us know sending a ticket. However, we may take time replying it because this is not our main concern priority. We thank you in advance for such noble cause though.


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